Ten benefits of vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is not a single vitamin, but rather a group of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant effects.

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which are electrons that have broken off from an atom. Free radicals have been linked to a wide range of health conditions, from cancer to premature aging.

Vitamin E oil is derived from vitamin E and can be applied directly to the skin, or added to lotions, creams, and gels. Many supporters of vitamin E oil argue that it is a potent antioxidant, but research on its benefits is mixed.

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Best Vitamins for Acne Prone Skin 2017

Vitamin E For Acne: Does Vitamin E Help Acne?

The role that vitamin E plays in acne treatment is that it reduces the appearance of marks left behind. It also helps skin cells heal themselves. It is one of the vitamins for acne that is critical to the healing process. Vitamin E also helps balance the production of skin proteins such as elastin and collagen. It increases keratin formation and helps protect follicles from damage.

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Is Vitamin E Actually Good for My Skin?

Is vitamin E actually good for our skin? Luckily, it appears that my years of blindly using vitamin E products weren’t a waste, as the compound actually does have a beneficial effect on our skin. On the one hand, it’s an anti-inflammatory, which means it can help prevent redness, puffiness, and other general inflammation in our skin. But on the other, its antioxidant properties also mean that it can help prevent signs of aging and wrinkles, Zeitlin explained. Dr. D’Adamo added that it can also help people get rid of scars.

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The secret to baking healthier bread is vitamin E-rich palm oil

If you’re a baker, you may be interested in this fool-proof way to bake healthier bread. An Australian food scientist suggests using palm oil instead soybean or canola oil. Unlike those other oils, Malaysian sustainable palm oil is chock full of nutrients, and won’t break down at high temperatures. Oliver Buddrick, Ph.D., is not your ordinary scientist. He’s also a master pastry chef, and is studying ways to enhance baked goods’ health benefits. His recent Journal of Food Chemistry report details the benefits of using red palm oil when baking.

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Vitamin E Research: Current Science and Future Directions

In the almost 100 years since its discovery, vitamin E has been recognized as an antioxidant. However, recent findings suggest that the compound and its metabolites have roles that go beyond metabolism, gene regulation, immunomodulation, and neuroprotection. Free Radical Biology and Medicine has published a review of emerging aspects and future directions of vitamin E research in its November 2016 issue. This information, they believe, can help guide nutritional recommendations and trials on age-related and chronic disease prevention.

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Gamma Tocotrienol E Can Help Asthma

Byron J. Richards

Tocotrienols are a unique form of vitamin E that possess many biologically active properties that plain vitamin E does not.  Researchers have now shown that gamma tocotrienol can influence gene signals of immune cells in the lungs in a way that prevents key problems involved with the pathogenesis of asthma.

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Researchers Probe the Potential Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Neel Chowdhury

Palm oil has a pretty bad reputation. The product of this hard-shell red fruit, harvested primarily on plantations in Southeast Asia, is typically used as cheap cooking oil for fried foods like noodles and curry puffs. Indeed, by the time the palm oil is processed, much of its nutritional value is destroyed. And the fact that it can congeal at room temperature makes it even look extra artery clogging.

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