Vitamin E Deficiency Tied to Abnormal Nervous System Development in Model Organism

In research that could have key ramifications for women of childbearing age, the findings of a study by Oregon State University scientists have shown that embryos produced by vitamin E-deficient zebrafish have malformed brains and nervous systems. “This is totally amazing—the brain is absolutely physically distorted by not having enough vitamin E,” said research lead Maret Traber, PhD, a professor in the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences, and the Ava Helen Pauling Professor at Oregon State’s Linus Pauling Institute. Traber, and colleagues have published their findings in Scientific Reports, in a paper titled, “Vitamin E is necessary for zebrafish nervous system development.”

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Tocotrienols may complement antiplatelet drugs, reducing aspirin resistance, says new study

Recent findings from the NUTRITION human clinical trial (Natural Tocotrienol Against Ischemic Stroke Event)1 showed that supplementation with the tocotrienol EVNol Suprabio (from ExcelVite, based in Edison, NJ) may decrease aspirin resistance in patients taking blood thinning drugs. In the single-center, randomized double-blind clinical trial, 150 patients who suffered transient ischemic attacks or stroke in the previous six months were assigned to take either placebo, 400 mg of tocotrienol or 800 mg of tocotrienol in addition with aspirin or clopidogrel alone or in combination. While aspirin has been shown to reduce the relative risk of recurrent stroke by inhibiting platelet aggregation, some patients develop aspirin resistance, becoming resistant or only partially responsive to the antiplatelet effects.

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The wonders of palm oil

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)’s research and collaborations with local and overseas institutions have scientifically proven that palm-derived Vitamin E tocotrienols are important for human health as they can prevent many non-communicable diseases.Through the continuous and dedicated research conducted by MPOB, the health benefits of palm oil and its phyto-nutrients are being explored extensively.

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