Vitamin E May Save Dental Enamel from Erosion, Study

SAO PAULO, Brazil: Researchers at the University of São Paulo have found that Vitamin E could protect dental enamel against erosion.

Daniela Rios and colleagues found this association by assessing the in-vitro effect of different components of palm oil on enamel in a short-term erosive challenge. To conduct a study, they use bovine enamel blocks treated with the solutions described in the results below separately and then immersed in citric acid. The following results have been analysed, which lead to the finding.

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Vitamin E may help protect dental enamel against erosion, study finds

The acquired enamel pellicle (AEP) was previously formed in situ for 2 h. Subsequently, the bovine enamel blocks were treated i vitro according to following solutions: G1- palm oil; G2- 85% tocotrienol solution; G3- oily vitamn E; G4- oily vitamin A; G5- deionized water (negative control); G6- stannous-containing solution (positive control).

The author concluded that ”Vitamn E presented similar preventive effect to a commercial mouthwash stannous-containing solution against initial erosion, and it can be considered as a promising alternative for the formulations of solutions aiming to prevent erosive tooth wear”.

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Health benefits of rice bran oil – weight loss, better blood sugar control and heart health

Rice bran oil is a popular cooking oil widely used in Asian countries, including China, India and Japan. It is manufactured from the outer layer of a rice kernel. This oil falls under the category of healthy cooking oils and offers numerous health benefits. The percentage of polyunsaturated fats present in rice bran oil is about 37 per cent and the percentage of monounsaturated fats present in it is 45 per cent. It is considered as a healthy alternative to vegetable oil. Furthermore, it is cheap and easy to obtain. This also makes this oil easy to inculcate in your cooking, and thereby, in your diets.

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